Beta-Real: Making Unsharp

Making Unsharp


Beta-Real: Making Unsharp is a second iteration of the Beta-Real Exhibition and offers itself as a relay in relation to both the first exhibition and the original site itself. Exhibiting the work in Montreal begs the question: what does it mean to show and bring the Erie Canal Monument to Montreal? What does it mean to disassemble the work, and how would one “member” it back together again? How should one remember it?

Starting from a 3d scan of the disassembled fragments in Syracuse, the pieces are remembered, „membered“ together, through image. There is no attempt to replicate the original structure of the monument. Instead the relay recognizes the instability of that to begin with, it’s simply impossible. Instead, what we are left with is a feeling, an indication towards something. Starting with these fragments disassembled, the exhibition explores how to use fragments, fractures and traces, strung together through relay, to produce the affect of an unsettled Erie Canal, membered together again as image.