Your Future Heritage(s)

at Come Up To My Room 2020 at the Gladstone Hotel


Despite its complex history, Chinatowns are one of the few accepted (and acceptable) overt displays of ethnocultural heritage. Given its contested and, at times, problematic history, this installation announces the future heritage(s) of Toronto’s East Chinatown as a collective act. We invite you to contribute to a shared future through this participatory installation: to reflect and take part in determining what is worth preserving.

You are invited to participate in the “Build Your Own Chinatown” board game!
Select from 3D-printed facades of Chinatown East to build your own Chinatown— selecting elements and facades that personally define Chinatown for you. Next, find a docent to learn how to 3D scan “your Chinatown”. Our team will 3D print a copy of “your Chinatown” game board in clay and add your contribution to the growing heritage installation. By participating, you will contribute to an ongoing archive of “Build Your Own Chinatowns” which aims to explore important architectural heritage elements of Chinatown as identified by different community groups.

Project Team

Amy Yan, Georgia Barrington and Jimmy Tran

Project Funding

Myseum of Toronto, Ryerson University
FCAD, Ryerson University Creative Fund,
Ryerson University Library
Collaboratory, Creative Technology Lab at FCAD

Installation Team

Amy Yan, Georgia Barrington, Ryan Anning, Jenna Buchwitz, Conan Chan, Joanne John and Arnel Espanol


Jocelyn Reynolds and Gabby Frank